Galilee Basin coal must not be dug up and burnt if we want a safe climate for all

24 November 18

Our elected representatives are wilfully gambling the future safety of our planet by approving these coal mines.

Major Adani update

02 November 18

Nearing decision on polluting Adani coal mine a major test for our elected representatives

01 November 18

Approval of Adani coal port expansion flies in the face of IPCC’s climate warning

11 October 18

Join us at the National Doorknock to #StopAdani

01 October 18

Adani avoids full scrutiny of water plans for its polluting coal mine

18 September 18

Adani rail deal means our elected representatives must choose: dirty coal or safe climate

13 September 18

ACF requests federal investigation into accusations Adani drilled unlawful water bores

12 September 18

BREAKING NEWS: Adani did what?!

12 September 18