Adani’s Board ‘decision’ a con: finance and social license remains beyond reach

06 June 17

Loan bodies' Adani conflicts: answers needed

29 May 17

Queensland decision on NAIF worth celebrating, but we haven’t stopped the mine yet

27 May 17

Yes! Big win on Adani funding

27 May 17

‘Dirty Deeds’ – The shady web behind potential Adani finance

24 May 17

Public wants NAIF money spent on renewables, not coal - new poll

22 May 17
Host your own event or launch a local group to #StopAdani

Host your own event to #StopAdani

Correcting Adani’s response to evidence of Abbot Point pollution

04 May 17

Adani Abbot Point coal spill: Carmichael coal mine won’t be any different

04 May 17

New legal advice - NAIF investment in Adani coal infrastructure likely illegal due to financial risks

12 April 17