Tell Commbank DO NOT FUND ADANI, Camberwell CBA Branch

Saturday, 15 July
Outside Commbank Camberwell branch, Camberwell
This action is brought to you by the Kooyong #StopAdani action group: a group of local citizens who want effective...

Host a film screening of Guarding the Galilee

The Guarding the Galilee documentary launched in April 2017 and is available at no cost for community screenings. Check out how to host a screening in your local community.
27 May 17

Queensland decision on NAIF worth celebrating, but we haven’t stopped the mine yet

We celebrate the Queensland Government’s decision not to facilitate any NAIF public money for Adani coal infrastructure.

27 May 17

Yes! Big win on Adani funding

People power to #StopAdani is working as political support for this polluting mine starts to crumble.

Call the reef grief hotline

We will not stop speaking out, showing up and holding people accountable for their decisions.