Super funds in Australia control over $3 trillion in investments – a whopping one-third of the Australian sharemarket.

That means they’re very powerful – impacting the economy, environment and community through what they choose to fund and not fund. Unfortunately too many funds still invest big in the polluting industries that fuel the climate crisis.

That’s why super fund members are standing up and demanding better. And members are showing that even a relatively small number speaking out can have a huge impact on where their fund invests and the therefore the future we all share.

Use the Super Toolkit to urge your super fund to exit climate polluting industries, and join a wave of people power shaping this trillion dollar industry. With global markets moving away from risky fossil fuels, it makes good sense for the safety of your retirement savings and a healthy climate for all to enjoy.

The Super Toolkit gives you:

  • Information on how the biggest funds compare on climate action
  • A step-by-step journey to use your member power to influence your fund
  • Resources, tips and other support throughout your journey.

Front page of the Super Toolkit
Super Toolkit, page 1

Page 8 of the Super Toolkit
Super Toolkit, page 8