Ahead of CommBank's Annual General Meeting (AGM), we have a unique opportunity to speak out and keep two huge financial powers – CommBank and Sunsuper – accountable on climate.

If we all send an email now, we can encourage Sunsuper to make a stand for our climate by voting yes on the shareholder resolution that demands CommBank sets emission targets in line with the Paris Agreement at the bank's AGM.

CommBank has plans to divest from thermal coal projects, but they remain one of Australia's biggest lenders to coal, gas and oil.

Baby steps won't cut it. Now is the time for ambitious leaps. We need CommBank to step up and take responsibility for their actions and investments that drive climate damage, like polluting coal and gas projects.

The same goes for Sunsuper. They are lagging behind their industry peers on climate action, including a failure to fully disclose their fossil fuel investments.

With the fund set to merge with QSuper in the coming months, together becoming Australia's biggest super fund, the impacts of their climate inaction will only magnify!

Send your email to Sunsuper now.