As we come towards the end of 2021 – hopefully with time for rest and reflection – we want to see the places that the ACF community loves and appreciates.

From beloved backyards to neighbourhood parks to big sweeping landscapes – this country’s extraordinary nature is all around us.

Share the places you love with the ACF community through the Nature Photo Wall.

Here's how to submit:

  • Click the “Choose your photo” button.  Upload a photo you have taken of somewhere in Australia that you love.
    • On your smartphone? Click the three horizontal lines then select "My Device" then "Take photo" to select an photo from your phone.
    • On your laptop/computer? You may get a prompt pop up asking to use your webcam. Ignore that – instead, click the three horizontal lines then select "My Device" then click "Select files to upload" to choose a photo from your laptop/computer. 
  • Fill in your details (name and email) and tell us where, including on what Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Country, your photo was taken – you might inspire other community members who are looking for beautiful places to visit in 2022! 
  • Click “Submit my photo” to finish. Your photo will then immediately appear on the wall where others in the ACF community can see it. 

If you don’t yet know what Country you are on, there are resources to help you learn. See the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies resources Whose Country am I on? and Map of Indigenous Australia, or take a look at your local council’s website for their acknowledgement of Country.

We are really looking forward to seeing the places you love. Remember, when you submit your photo it will appear immediately on the photo wall. We may reach out to you to seek your consent to use your photograph in other ACF communications.

We are privileged to live in this country that is one of the most biodiverse places on the planet. Let’s celebrate these places together!


Header photo: Kerry Trapnell