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As a grandparent and mother and teacher, I care deeply about the need to ensure that all the world’s children into the future will have a healthy, life-sustaining Earth on which to live.
Please ensure strong new national laws that protect our forests, coastal lands, seas and wild places. Start restoring what has been damaged, and enforce the new laws with an independent regulator.
Petra 2023-08-05 18:07:26 +1000
The planet is on the tipping point and without making and enforcing strong national environmental laws all will be lost for future generations.
Sharon 2023-08-05 16:19:21 +1000
I want to see Labor be the leader in combating pollution and global warming.
Ross 2023-08-05 15:36:15 +1000
To all political decision makers. And Party Members. Time to extract heads out of the sand!!
It is important that discretionary ministerial decision making is open for public consultation and rebuttal. Too often politicians (Ministers) are ill-advised and do NOT consider environmental, cultural, economic and social impacts!!!
Bribie Island is an internationally protected fauna and flora sanctuary yet ignorance on the part of Ministers and political decision makers and Party members continues to perpetuate a hugely destructive tourism model on Bribie Island, Moreton Bay and Pumicestone Passage. We have unrestricted and uncontrolled access to our fragile beach permitted for ORV 4WD beach driving enthusiasts to drive up and down and all over the beach 24/7. Recreational beach driving statuses the LIVING beach. Their presence on the beach (3000 in a day) precludes any passive non-destructive recreation. The constant noise and intrusions impact coastal wildlife dependent on a healthy LIVING dune and beach ecology especially internationally protected resident and migratory shorebirds and critically endangered nesting loggerhead turtles. But politicians and party members don’t care about Australia’s unique and fragile and fast diminishing natural assets. We are in an Extinction Crisis no less!!! Look at the Toondah Harbour debacle. How can one man (Mr Walker who is the sole shareholder of The Walker Group) have more political influence than 19 million shareholders in the Australian Government. Absolutely corrupt situation and process
Go figure.
SEQ is dying.
Thank you for changing your attitudes at this conference.
Diane 2023-08-05 14:30:17 +1000
My hope for my children and grandchildren and all families is that they live in a world which is protected from environmental pollution and destruction. We face enormous challenges with increasing climate change and it surely time for wise governance to protect our beautiful planet, to prevent further environmental damage from fracking, coal mining, the clearing of forests and the damaging of our oceans from mining and exploration.
Labor, will you replace dirty fossil fuels like coal, gas and uranium with clean energy from the sun and wind? Will you please take leadership and sincerely move to eliminate damaging emissions before it is too late?
Tricia 2023-08-05 14:26:08 +1000
An unhealthy environment means distress for life on Earth. We need stronger action on climate change now.
Quentin 2023-08-05 13:51:52 +1000
It is the same water, the same air, the same earth siince the world began. Let us not be the generation that lets our rivers die, lets our native fauna become extinct, poisons our air that we breath, and destroys life on earth.
Catherine 2023-08-05 13:36:20 +1000
bob 2023-08-05 13:17:36 +1000
I work to try and get private companies to minimise their impact on the planet, but we need help from government to speed up this change. Labor, stop the bulldozing of our bush and forests, and slash emissions now so we experience fewer floods, fires and droughts fuelled by climate change.
Jess 2023-08-05 12:59:31 +1000
we support this protest fully
Narelle 2023-08-05 11:00:42 +1000
As the world’s climate scientists report that the potentially disastrous pace and impacts of global heating are accelerating beyond their previous worst case predictions, it is essential to put a total stop to any new fossil fuel exploitation proposals or expansion of any existing sites.

Also, cancel Burrup Hub and end all gas fracking of the Beelaloo Basin., for a start of a process of “precautionary principle” (or now "survival Principle) review and cancellation. of all the unconcionable and now existentially unacceptable toxic projects in the pipeline.
Lynden 2023-08-05 10:49:31 +1000
No new oil and gas. Look into your hearts. You know it’s the right thing to do.
Denise 2023-08-05 10:44:15 +1000
Please stop any more coal and gas mines. Our world is cooking. I am frightened of what the future will bring to my children and granddaughter. You know we must stop the carbon pollution, please act now.
Margaret 2023-08-05 10:36:17 +1000
Labor, stop the bulldozing of our bush and forests, and slash emissions now so we experience fewer floods, fires and droughts fuelled by climate change.”
Kristin 2023-08-05 10:32:40 +1000
Please do more to reduce climate change.
Garry 2023-08-05 10:26:16 +1000
We CANNOT hold back on climate change action. Keep up the good work.
John 2023-08-05 10:06:35 +1000
If we don’t want climate-induced ‘events’ occurring across Australia and across the world on a weekly basis, we need to act now! So stop the bulldozing of our bush and forests, and slash emissions now so we experience fewer floods, fires and droughts fuelled by climate change!!!
Carolyn 2023-08-05 09:44:02 +1000
Please do more to secure a future for our next amazing generations. Look at Europe now….burning. Will I, an older person, survive our coming Summer? No more propping up the fossil fuel industry. There are no jobs on a dead planet.
Rosslyn 2023-08-05 08:56:58 +1000
Nothing is more important to all of us, everything that calls Earth home, than to stop humans from harming our planet.
There have always been dominant life forms in past eras but the Anthropocene era has homo sapiens fully aware of the consequences of its indulgent, excessive and destructive behaviour.
For those that might exist in the dodgy legacy we leave they will be astounded at the lack of meaningful action our current leaders exhibit.
Dianne 2023-08-05 08:54:09 +1000
Save the planet. Stop all wars.
Susan 2023-08-05 07:51:10 +1000
Many humans sadly underestimate the importance and value and necessity of a healthy climate and ecosystem. Our (comfortable) lives depend on them! Labour, have you underestimated/ignored this too, sold out to big business? I am desperate for you to make the changes that we and our future generations need. Protect our beautiful lands so that we may thrive…
Robyn 2023-08-05 07:48:16 +1000
My grandchildren’s rights need to be front and centre, for their future and the future of all children and great grandchildren. They need clean air and water. No gas development, with their toxics within 3 klms of suburban houses. That is knowingly contaminating air, land and water and the health of people living close to petrochemical plants.
Bodil 2023-08-05 07:05:17 +1000
Tax the ultra rich instead of approving new coal and gas projects
Karis 2023-08-05 05:53:33 +1000
Tony Abbott, John Howard & Spud are so proud of Labor for continuing with Liberal’s Climate Change policies since you’ve been in power they will be making it Liberal policy to vote Labor at the next election
Stephen 2023-08-05 00:25:43 +1000
Last chance to save humanity and our home.
No more business as usual or incremental steps.
Bold ideas needed that prioritise the protection of natural ecosystems and minimise use of fossil fuels .
Gabriella 2023-08-04 23:51:23 +1000
We must be the only country that actively encourages the murder of animals on our Coat of Arms. Our kangaroos should not be either a political football… or an actual one. Australia has a shameful extinction record. We must start protecting ALL of our native animals.
Tracy 2023-08-04 23:01:52 +1000
The window of opportunity is rapidly closing. Waste incinerators are not the solution to our addiction to plastics. They impose enormous risks to health health and the environment. We urgently need mandatory Product Stewardship schemes, mandatory recycling information on consumer products and the right to repair legislation.
Vicki 2023-08-04 22:59:52 +1000
Prioritise nature and the climate in all decisions. It’s time to think beyond the people of our generation to consider future generations as well as the rest of life on this planet and precious ecosystems.
Sophie 2023-08-04 22:33:56 +1000
I’m concerned about the climate and extinction crises because governments continue to allow vested interests and the status quo to trump the health of our planet and the life upon it. Labor, stop the bulldozing of our bush and forests, and slash emissions now so we experience fewer floods, fires and droughts fuelled by climate change.
Geoff 2023-08-04 22:29:46 +1000
For the sake of the world’s food security, for the sake of all life on the planet, for the sake of all we hold precious we must have real action on climate change. We cannot, as a responsible nation, continue to contribute to the deaths around the world from floods, fires, drought and extreme weather events caused by human induced climate change. Please act on what we elected you to do – act on climate change now – no new coal mines, no gas fracking – real action. We can no longer reverse the damage, we can only hope to reduce the impact.
Carol 2023-08-04 22:28:34 +1000