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To Labor,
Please at this year’s conference give us laws which will truly protect our natural world…the land, sea, rivers and air that we and all living creatures depend upon. All are interconnected and urgently need protection. No more “lip-service” on climate change. Bring on policies and laws with teeth, and refuse to pander to coal and gas companies for the sake of the mighty dollar. Emissions must be slashed.
Barbara 2023-08-07 15:19:31 +1000
Nature is for now & the future.
You are the responsible chosen representative,so be considerate of all of us !
Christine 2023-08-07 14:38:00 +1000
Come on ALP , we voted for you to be our Environmental Hero’s . And be nothing like the LNP Environmental Rat Bags .
Boyd 2023-08-07 14:21:24 +1000
Our Country and the World Needs:

More Trees – Less People

More Sola, Wind and Water –
Less Coal Gas and Oil

More Plants – Less Pollution
More Recycling – Less Plastics

More Native Trees -
Less Destructive People.

The less HuMAN population there is, gives our Planet and its Ecosystems a chance to Survive Indefinitely!
Penelope 2023-08-07 14:19:31 +1000
Australia is so incredibly lucky to have such a diverse environment: forests, oceans and deserts. Our wildlife is unique and precious.
Please act now to strengthen laws to protect wildlife and vegetation. Stop the destruction of animal habitats, fossil fuel mining and move to renewable energy sources before it it too late.
Cather 2023-08-07 14:02:23 +1000
Stop the coal and gas subsidies! Desist green lighting more coal and gas mines! Forget fracking! We voted for positive action on the climate debacle your Liberal predecessors left you with. We voted for a change in the status quo. Show us this change in climate policy you promised us.
Roberta 2023-08-07 13:08:47 +1000
Please step up – we voted Labor in to make a difference to climate policy. Delay understood for a successful renewables transition but we need now. Koala habitat in my area is also being decimated by NSW Forestry – make your NSW counterparts take effective action now before a Great Koala National Park is no longer possible. Federal Environment Minister must override State management. Thank you for your efforts to date but much more is urgent!!!
Cynthia 2023-08-07 11:57:33 +1000
I am most concerned about the way greed and money making is still more important than taking worthwhile measures to improve our rapidly degenerating climate.
We are already feeling the effects of a heating climate – bushfires, floods and heat caused deaths. No thought is being given to the increasing effects these disasters will have on the following generations. Insurance costs will reduce profits from carbon related investments.
It is most important, therefore, to stop coal and gas production and invest in renewable energy sources., save our wonderful native vegetation and wild animals.
Roger 2023-08-07 11:52:09 +1000
I am deeply concerned about the climate and mass extinction crisis affecting my local area – the upper Blue Mountains, Katooomba – driven by habitat destruction and wildfires due to the government’s continued subsidy of fossil fuel extraction and acceptance of donations from the fossil fuel lobby. Labor, stop the bulldozing of of our bush and forests, and slash emissions now by putting an immediate stop to any further logging of old growth forests and any futher gas, oil and coal extraction! Do it now so we experience fewer floods, fires and floods fuelled by human-induced climate change! Do it now to preserve our precious ecosystems and so that we and our children have a future!
Kieran 2023-08-07 11:28:36 +1000
I’m troubled by the loss of forest and the extinction crisis. Labor stop native forest logging and step up efforts to stop climate change.
Grant 2023-08-07 10:05:37 +1000
If our environment is not healthy, we are destined to die out – along with almost all other species. All other considerations are of no consequence if we cannot be bothered to keep ourselves alive.
Brian 2023-08-07 09:40:51 +1000
To the Labor Party representatives.

Many Australians are hoping that you will all make wise decisions at your national conference.

The conservation of natural areas, prevention of further destruction of native wildlife habit, reduction of greenhouse gas pollution, expansion of renewable energy infrastructure, and control of feral species populations are issues that have high priority in this country.

I am hoping that the Labor party make decisions that will make Australia, and the earth, a wonderful place to live, for our future generations.

Let’s look past the greedy companies and individuals that profit from land degradation and wildlife extinction, and start looking after the everyday Australian that wants to see Australia continue to be a country worth living in, and to visit from abroad.

Yours sincerely
Geoff Lockhart
Geoff 2023-08-07 08:21:17 +1000
To borrow and extend a definition from Ambrose Bierce’s The Devil’s Dictionary, contemporary Australian Labor Party politics seems to have become “the conduct of public affairs for private advantage”. In the context of the Labor National Conference, there must be an acknowledgement that Australian fossil fuel projects are already having huge and damaging impacts on: the landscape, the First Nations’ heritage of communities and sites; water resources both above and below ground; our oceans, marine life, and iconic coral reefs; and the Australian and global ecosystems. Necessarily Labor must completely rework its current priorities and policies in government so they no longer contradict the Objectives and Principles outlined in its own Constitution and Rules.

This reworking must include not approving any new fossil fuel projects, urgently closing down currently operating fossil fuel projects, heeding the concerns of Traditional Owners and others, investing in an EPBC Act with teeth, and firing up a sustainable energy revolution in Australia. And by the way, fracked gas has a worse carbon footprint than coal. Private advantage is no basis for a liveable future for the diverse species which share this planet.
Peter 2023-08-06 21:29:11 +1000
PLEASE do what you can to save our prescious nature for the future. Without ‘nature’ humans will not be able to live fully. And that is an understatement.
Anjella 2023-08-06 19:36:39 +1000
I am disappointed in Labors slow response to saving our planet . Please act now before it really is too late
Lizette 2023-08-06 18:14:49 +1000
Please play a part in our country’s environmental history by ensuring strong laws and independent governance
Therese 2023-08-06 15:48:11 +1000
I have been very disappointed by the Labor government’s minimal action on climate change. I believe that there should be no more approvals for fossil fuel mining and projects. Further, the billions of dollars currently being paid in subsidies to such operations should be diverted to care for people and our environment
Patricia 2023-08-06 14:55:23 +1000
I want the Labor Party to stop fossil fuel expansion and recognise that our country stands to lose most from accelerating planetary heating. Talk about broken election promises – this is the biggest disappointment so far with their government. AUKUS is a disaster, even more so if Trump is the President next time around. Why has this Labor government slipped straight into the shoes of the previous inept, corrupt conservative one?
Judy 2023-08-06 14:16:25 +1000
with all the areas of climate change being a large issue with all political parties at present why is it that we are still harvesting logs for mills to harvest and destroy the undergrowth of these once beautiful areas
we need to remove al logging from old tree forests and allow for them to recover after many years of complete destruction allow for the wild life to become strong in numbers and for the air we breath to become a pure area for all in Australia
thank you
Paul 2023-08-06 14:14:26 +1000
I want to be able to look my children in th eye, knowing that I helped to fight climate change, not hang my head in shame.
Christina 2023-08-06 12:42:34 +1000
To the Labor Party,
Please be much more pro active in saving our environment. Since your election to lead Australia it has been very disappointing for myself and the people l know to hear and read of your ongoing fossil fuel commitments with not nearly enough support for renewable etc.
We are in a crisis now, not in the future, we need to see a lot more being done now. It is time for a massive shift.
You have the power and the means and people want you to do more, please we need leadership, help us all.
In hope,
Jacqueline Holmes
Jacqueline 2023-08-06 11:43:13 +1000
I volunteer for Habitat Brisbane in the regeneration of native habitat and Toondah Harbour is part of that natural ecosystem that I care for and protect.
Liz 2023-08-06 10:36:10 +1000
For the sake of my grandchildren, and future generations, I ask the Australian Labour Party to be true leaders in taking more urgent and stronger nature and climate action.
Jenny 2023-08-06 09:11:45 +1000
Everyone is affected by climate change! Even if it is increases in insurance, fresh produce or sweltering temps in summer. For others it is the loss of live, homes and severe anxiety about the future.
Science has been telling you for years to change from fossil fuels to renewables. Yet the government still won’t listen ! yes it is complex, but you have had more than 30yrs warning! Stop allowing new coal and gas!!!! these must stop immediately and invest in renewables!!!!
Jenny 2023-08-06 07:27:10 +1000
I am extremely concerned about the climate and biodiversity crises. We should be doing all we can to protect the environment for future generations. Labor please stop deforestation and take meaningful action on global warming. We are facing an emergency please act accordingly.
Fiona 2023-08-05 22:34:05 +1000
So happy for this!
Lisette 2023-08-05 21:47:27 +1000
Nina 2023-08-05 20:46:12 +1000
The ALP used to care about the environment now all they care about is greed. You are all traitors. Will never vote for you neoliberals dirtbags ever again.
Paul 2023-08-05 20:33:14 +1000
I am very, very, very disappointed at the lack of progress the ALP is making on protecting our nature. Our nature = our economy and our children’s’ future (not to mention my grandchildren’s’).
So far the record is very bleak, nothing has been achieved on protecting our nature, in fact the subsidies continue to the coal and gas companies. New licenses are freely given to fracking companies despite everyone knowing the destructive nature of fracking and the residual poisons in the ground.
To be honest, I voted for the ALP but am disgusted at what the ALP now stands for.
walter 2023-08-05 19:19:42 +1000
Recently I was lucky to visit Ningaloo Reef, one of the most pristine places in Australia if not the world. Labor, please ensure that we keep it that way by enacting strong, new environmental laws that protect our country.
Jennifer 2023-08-05 18:20:32 +1000