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Our Governments have known for decades what is required to become a leader in the world while mitigating Climate Change. A more sustainable economy is urgently needed to save our precious environment. State Governments must also act and stop exploiting our native bush with it’s endangered flora and fauna.
Judy 2023-08-03 19:19:07 +1000
We need to realize that we are not separate from our environment, we are all connected. We need to look after what we have and do better to protect it.
Quality driven, not money driven, you can’t eat money
Margit 2023-08-03 19:17:36 +1000
Real action on Climate Change needs to happen now because Climate Change is happening now. Stop approving fossil fuel mines. Close the ones we already have. Stop forestry. Plant trees. Switch to sustainable energy production. Invest in electric public transport. NOW!
Roz 2023-08-03 19:16:05 +1000
Gerard 2023-08-03 19:14:58 +1000
Be brave- more votes will be gained by protecting our natural resources. We are trusting you on this.
Lindy 2023-08-03 19:09:30 +1000
It is essential that Labor take the strongest action towards making the world safe for every single creature. Please don’t fail to ensure your act is strong also with compliance and enforcement provisions.
Lyndal 2023-08-03 19:09:26 +1000
Politician’s and Big Corporations need to knuckle down together and sort out our Climate Change challenges once and for all, because Aussies are sick of inaction and the use of greenwashing and lip service 🙄
Leith 2023-08-03 19:08:55 +1000
We past talking and compromising! Hands off our wetlands!
Mike 2023-08-03 19:07:49 +1000
“I’m concerned about the climate and extinction crises because [name 1-2 reasons you are concerned]. Labor, stop the bulldozing of our bush and forests, and slash emissions now so we experience fewer floods, fires and droughts fuelled by climate change.”
Paul 2023-08-03 19:05:59 +1000
As someone in their eighties, I will not live long enough to see the full extent of the damage being inflicted on our environment and nature as a result of our failure to act more decisively. I am concerned about the future my grandchildren and great grandchild will have to face unless we take greater and urgent steps to phase out fossil fuels, destroying native bush lands, and our precious river systems,
Robert 2023-08-03 18:57:22 +1000
Please make necessary changes to keep ALL of the copal ion the ground and stop gas fracking too. Please save the environment for my grandkids! Its not too late if you will act now!
Beryl 2023-08-03 18:53:59 +1000
The Climate exposes what you keep trying to hide.
Duncan 2023-08-03 18:52:34 +1000
This is your chance Labor to actually ACT for the environment and not placate and endorse fossil fuel corporations / other big polluters & developers.Our precious wildlife always gets forgotten …BUT we can not continue to betray them.They are unique and NO less important than us, so spend some time working out a comprehensive policy that ensures protection for what little (sadly) remains of our wildlife. They are all either endangered or threatened by our demand for more of a limited ‘pie’. The wildlife ask for so little and give us so much , they are THE FIRST Australians and deserve so much more than our indifference or arrogance that impacts upon their lives. Money ALWAYS dominates Govt decisions and that is a death knell for ALL of us.
lindy 2023-08-03 18:50:35 +1000
The leaders of this planet have all the information and deliberately refuse to acknowledge the solution. We vote hoping for a better outcome, no wonder people are so disheartened with Governments. It`s time now to stop all fossil fuel from destroying everything!
Patrizia 2023-08-03 18:50:02 +1000
Logging in our native forests must end by the end of this year.
Sean 2023-08-03 18:49:33 +1000
We need to more for protect the planet from climate change
Act wisely and immediately
Mike 2023-08-03 18:48:20 +1000
Labour, Climate Change and Wildlife extinction seems to be a certainty with our slow response, we need to be braver to take the steps needed to avert these tragedies from occuring.
Robert 2023-08-03 18:47:27 +1000
What do I tell my grandchild – that we didn’t heed the warnings, that we didn’t do enough,that we acted too late? I want to give her a beautiful world where Nature is thriving & will provide her with everything she needs. That she can delight in Nature’s creatures. That she fully embraces our First Nations love & care of the land, which is held in the respect it deserves.
What do I want to tell my grandchild – that my elected Labor Government listened to the people & put the care of Country as top priority , a gift to all generations?
Cara 2023-08-03 18:46:37 +1000
Sandra 2023-08-03 18:46:34 +1000
The climate crisis is happening now. You must stop issuing new permits for yet more coal mines. Stop obsessing about the Chinese – they are never going to invade Australia. But tens of millions of climate refugees might just do that as parts of South Asia become uninhabitable in coming decades.
Richard 2023-08-03 18:44:20 +1000
Please stop opening new coal ,gas and oil exploration this makes the world boil including Australia. The Great Barrier Reef needs l.5 % to thrive. Both the Federal and Queensland Governments need a Climate change that is 1.5% by 2030. Please put a Commonwealth ban on the cutting down of trees. Improve the Biodiversity Act of 1999 and this will help rivers, plants, wildlife etc.
Marie 2023-08-03 18:43:39 +1000
Colin 2023-08-03 18:40:51 +1000
Christopher 2023-08-03 18:40:34 +1000
The government is doing a balancing act between climate action and economic factors.
The problem with letting the economic factors outweigh climate action is that if climate change continues at the alarming rate it seems to be on at the moment, the economy will be severely impacted.
The Government seems to be overly influenced by interests which continue to make huge profits from climate unfriendly industries.
Michael 2023-08-03 18:40:31 +1000
The world was created for all mankind. If we as a whole don’t take responsibility for what is occurring with the climate and extinction of animals who will. Act before our time on this beautiful planet runs out. We don’t need to be the next extinction.
Harry 2023-08-03 18:39:02 +1000
Dear Labor people,
You need to make more effort to help fix climate change. If you don’t, nothing else will matter. We don’t have time for politics, just do what you were elected to do,
Michele Schlosser
Michele 2023-08-03 18:37:58 +1000
Climate change is the greatest threat the world has ever faced
Do something
Judy 2023-08-03 18:37:34 +1000
Please, please replace life threatening fuels like coal, gas and uranium with clean, renewable energy from the sun, the wind and tides.
Margaret 2023-08-03 18:37:15 +1000
We are not separate from our environment/nature. We need to realise this so we stop adopting a human-centric approach to the planet and start looking at ways to support other life and make our futures liveable, sustainable and quality driven not money driven. As, in the end, you can’t eat money.
Andrea 2023-08-03 18:34:00 +1000
Saplings cannot replace mature old trees, save the old tree hollows
Stacy 2023-08-03 18:31:47 +1000