Alpha North Coal Mine Project, Galilee Basin

21 May 18

Submission to the Alpha North Coal Mine Project EPBC Act Referral. 


Clearing of vegetation at Kingvale Station

07 May 18

Submission on the EPBC Act referral for clearing of vegetation at Kingvale Station, Queensland.


Australia's strategy for nature 2018-2030

16 March 18

Submission on the draft Australia’s strategy for nature 2018–2030: Australia’s
biodiversity conservation strategy and action inventory


Inquiry into Clean Energy Finance Corporation funding carbon capture and storage

13 March 18

Submission to proposed amendment allowing Clean Energy Finance Corporation to fund carbon capture and storage. 


Clean Energy Finance Corporation statutory review

16 February 18

Submission to the Department of the Environment and Energy conducting a statutory review of the operation of the Clean Energy Finance Corporation.


Submission to Electoral Legislation Amendment (Electoral Funding and Disclosure Reform) Bill 2017

05 February 18

2018-19 Federal Budget

12 December 17

2018-19 Pre–Budget Submission to the Department of the Treasury


Productivity Commission inquiry into Horizontal Fiscal Equalisation

10 November 17

Submission to the Productivity Commission following their draft report into horizontal fiscal equalisation.


Murray Darling Basin Plan Senate Inquiry

15 October 17

Submission to the Senate Inquiry into the integrity of the water market in the Murray-Darling Basin