Call Turnbull for the #StopAdani Challenge

We want hundreds of people committing to call Turnbull once a week to sayย no public money for Adani's polluting coal mine.

We're calling Turnbull in a mass, coordinated phone-in during the #StopAdani Challenge. Thousands of people will phone Turnbull to say, "Rule out handing over $1 billion dollars of public money to prop up Adani’s giant polluting mine. Fund clean energy instead."

We know that this consistent pressure works. Last time we rolled out a coordinated phone-in to Turnbull, his office received one call every five minutes.

Sign up below to commit to make a call once a week until the 6th of August.

Here's how it works:

  • Until the 6th of August, you’ll get an SMS with a phone number to call. Call right away, or at convenient time later.
  • You'll hear a recorded message from ACF's Stop Adani campaigner.
  • When you're ready, press 1 to be patched through toTurnbull.
  • Deliver your message and report back to us!