What is the #StopAdani Challenge?

Until the 6th of August, while MPs are in their home electorate offices for the winter break, we're asking local groups to take the #StopAdani Challenge and turn the political pressure up a notch.

Groups across the country will survey their communities on Adani and use the results to pressure their MPs. We want to see elected representatives across the country speaking out publicly against the billion dollar loan to Adani.

Here's how to get involved:

    1. Accept the challenge. Commit to survey at least 100 people in your community and share the results with your MP by signing up below. Once you've signed up, you'll be redirected to a page where you can download the #StopAdani Challenge toolkit with all the details you need.

    2. Conduct your survey. You can run an online survey, or take a clipboard to the footy, to church, or the mall. A survey is a great way to have conversations with your community about Adani and grow power locally. You'll find the survey questions and info in the toolkit.

    3. Deliver your results. Once you or your local group has completed the survey, you can use it to pressure your MP. The toolkit will help you plan an impactful handover so your local representative knows where their community stands on Adani.

The more MPs that speak out, the more the pressure builds on the Turnbull Government to ditch this dodgy deal once and for all.

Sign up below to take the #StopAdani Challenge. Then download the toolkit.