Do your action and escalate the pressure on your local federal MP. Write to them, phone them, meet with them, turn up at their events and protest outside their offices. Don’t give up until their parties rule out public funding for Adani’s disastrous mine.

If your MP’s party has already ruled it out, get your MP to state it publicly. If your MP’s party supports the loan, there are still lots of things you can ask for.

  • Make your MP defend their party’s policy in public.
  • Ask your MP to make public statements that disagree with their party’s policy on an issue.
  • Ask your MP to raise issues in their party room for discussion with their colleagues, and lobby internally for a change of position.
  • Ask your MP to raise it while they are speaking in Parliament. They can read out your letters in Parliament.

Do what you can to get a commitment from your local representative and record it – in writing, in a photo holding a sign or speaking to camera so you can share it with the world and hold them to their commitment later. Even if they don’t give you the answer you want, it’s still worth capturing. You can share this with your community to get them fired up.