Aim to survey at least 100 people in your electorate. It’s fantastic if you can survey a larger sample in that time - but the main thing is to have a reasonable result to take to your MP in during their winter break from parliamentary sittings in July.
Your community survey should include these five questions:

    1. Do you support or oppose a $1 billion loan of public money for Adani’s proposed coal mine project?
    2. Do you support or oppose the proposed Adani coal mine in Queensland? (support/oppose)
    3. Do you want your local politician to take a stand to stop Adani’s proposed coal mine? (yes/no)
    4. If you had one message to send your MP about the proposed Adani coal project, what would it be? (Record a sentence or two)
    5. Do you want to hear from us again, including overall results of the community survey?

First, choose when and where you’ll survey. You could survey your neighbours directly outside your MP’s office; outside your local shopping centre; in your workplace; on the sidelines of the weekend footy; at your next church gathering - or whatever else you can come up with!

Print off plenty of copies of this datasheet to record results of your survey. There are 4 to a page so 15 double sided copies will give you space for 120 survey results.

If you’ve taken the challenge as an individual, invite a friend or family member to come along and help with the survey. If you’re a community action group, post a message to your Facebook group or email list and invite people to survey the community with you.

Bring a #StopAdani sign or placard (or wear a t-shirt if you have one) so people can clearly see what you’re about. You can pick up an action pack or t-shirt in the online shop.

Make sure you ask to record people’s contact details - their responses will be confidential, but in providing contact details, you can get back to them with the overall results of the survey, any response from your MP, and opportunities for local action.