Nature is everyone's business

Communities, businesses, people – we all rely on clean water, air and soil, a healthy planet and a safe climate. 

Protecting our living world is a shared responsibility, and because of people-powered movements like ours businesses are realising this and taking action, too. Just look at all our incredible work getting the Business Council of Australia to be a climate advocate!

Not to mention – 73% of Australians are looking to business to take the lead on climate change. That's the same level of expectation the Australian public has of the federal government. 

This is also a critical juncture.

From extreme bushfires, a global health pandemic and an escalating economic crisis, the events of 2020 have also brought into sharp focus how dependent Australian businesses are on our climate and nature’s infrastructure  – and how quickly a crisis can change everything. 

So business is certainly open to doing good by nature.

Small businesses can play a big role, especially. We know that local MPs listen to community business leaders, and the Morrison government is swayed by the national small business community. If we can get the support of small businesses across the country we can build a wave of momentum and amplify our call to Recover, Rebuild and Renew. 

Getting help from small businesses starts with asking them to put a poster up and publicly support Recover, Rebuild, Renew. From there we'll follow up with them on going renewable, pushing their super fund to divest from fossil fuels by 2030, and joining us at MP meetings to bolster our representation and push our demands.

Why start with posters? It's an easy and very public way for businesses to support our campaign. People and other businesses will see them, raising awareness and starting conversations in your community. 

Keen to get involved? Keep reading on how to engage with and get small businesses on board.


How to get a small business' support in 5 steps

  1. Choose small businesses in your community to reach out to – you may want to start with businesses you know or that have shopfronts on a main road
  2. Use our email template to contact small businesses and schedule a poster drop-off. Even if you get no response your priming the business with info before your visit
  3. Visit businesses and have a chat with the aid of our conversation guide. Be sure to bring along some printed off Recover Rebuild Renew posters and one-pagers for businesses
  4. Ask the business to put up a poster to publicly support Recover, Rebuild, Renew. If they say yes, sign them up and hand them a poster
  5. Follow up with any business owners who expressed interest in hearing more from your local group


What if I'm in lockdown?

Reach out to businesses by email and start the conversation digitally. You may even want to give them a call, too. When they're ready, ask them for all their details so you can fill in the business signup form then send them a digital copy of the poster for them to print and put up on their premises.

Most business websites and social media platforms should have an email address and a phone number. 

Resources to get started

  • Form to sign up businesses – have this open on a mobile device when you go talk to a business. You'll need to fill it in to sign a business up.
  • Paper sign-up form
  • Email template – use this to craft emails to local businesses and schedule a poster drop-off. Be sure to personalise it with the business and/or business owner's name for best results. 
  • Conversation guide – to help you work out what to say businesses. The best conversations require you to listen, and be present and engaged. 
  • One-pager – this has extra details and next steps for businesses who pledge their support. Print off enough copies to hand out. 
  • Posters – print these off to take to businesses so they can put them up in their shopfronts.
  • Social media tiles - share these with businesses so they can share the campaign with others on social media.
  • Resources for businesses 



  • Have empathy. 2020 has been a tough year for all of us, and small business people have been hit hard. Let's understand where they're at, be kind and cooperate with each other. 
  • Lead with shared values
  • Which businesses should you reach out to first? Try starting by reaching out to small business owners who you know personally or business you often frequent. You may also want to contact businesses located near your MP's office or in other prominent locations in your community.