"Families and communities across rural and regional Australia are living through wave after wave of extreme weather events. My family has been on the land for a long time. We know what we’re seeing, and we’re not alone. The climate is not just changing, it is breaking down. I’m taking a stand and I’m asking you to do the same alongside me."

Will you join me in calling for our leaders to do more on climate change? Find something, anything, that you can paint yellow – a banner, your front gate, your letterbox, a t-shirt.

Write “we want climate action” on your yellow sign.

And share a photo on social media using the hashtags #ShowOurColours and #ClimateActionNow."

Rob Miller – dairy farmer from Milton, NSW

Join Rob and his community and paint it yellow for climate action!

How to #ShowOurColours:

  1. Paint something yellow to show you care about climate change: a wall on fire-damaged property, your letterbox, a sign in your front yard – be bold and creative. Most importantly, make sure your sign can be easily seen.
  2. Write “we want climate action” to make your yellow sign really stand out.
  3. Or buy a #CanGate sign! You can also order a yellow Climate Action Now #CanGate core flute sign through Gundaroo Community Connect.
  4. Film it and photograph it. You can take a selfie video, or ask someone to video you, as you stand by your sign and explain why you're doing this. Take some photos too.
  5. Share it! On Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Ask your friends to make their own signs and to share your post far and wide. Make sure you use the hashtags #ClimateActionNow and #ShowOurColours. 

Quick filming tips:

  1. Use your smartphone video – handheld is fine, but keep it as steady as you can. Be sure to film in landscape (phone on its side), not portrait or upright.
  2. Give viewers a sense of where your sign is by slowly moving from the sign to filming what’s around it (such as the front yard, street and other houses beyond. You may have fire damage – do show that as it sends a powerful message you want action because of this.)
  3. Make sure you are in the film. It’s okay if you turn the camera back to your face so you can say why you’ve done the sign and ask others to do it as well. If it’s a bit shaky, it just means the video is genuine. 
  4. Take some photos as well.

Watch Ian's story

Check out Gundaroo Community Connect's #CanGate

The Gundaroo community near Canberra has been affected by drought, bushfire smoke and storms this summer.

Local RFS brigades were on strike teams helping fight fires on the south coast of NSW and many Gundaroovians have personal links to those areas and families hardest by fires on the coast.

The Gundaroo Community is speaking up for their friends and for climate action printing and distributing Climate Action Now gate signs. They come in 10 different sizes and designs.

Check them out on Gundaroo Community Connect's Facebook page, and email Jed to order your sign.  

Check out these #ShowOurColours photos for ideas: 




Photos: Max Phillips