Climate damage is the biggest challenge of our time. But solutions are here now, and we are here now.

The 2019 federal election must be a turning point. We simply can’t afford another three years of dithering and denial. Together we must make this the climate election.

Our strategy is to raise our voices and votes to make stopping climate damage such a huge election issue, our next government will have no choice but to step up and act. Here's how you can play your part: 

1. Be a climate voter

Let’s show candidates and parties just how many people are prepared to vote on this. Say you’ll be a climate voter.

2. Ask others to be climate voters 

To make this the climate election, we're aiming to have a million conversations with Australians who vote.{% if signup.federal_district == 'Macnamara' and signup.tags contains "PLE-FederalElection-19" %} Together, let's build a critical mass of climate voters in key electorates! Get involved in your local electorate – Bonner. 

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Together, let's build a critical mass of climate voters in key electorates by making some calls! 

We’ve built a whizz-bang dialler so you can call voters across the country from your own mobile phone, and ask them to be climate voters too. 


4. Push the parties to step up

We need to show every candidate from every party we’ll only vote for them if they show courage, vision and real leadership to stop climate damage.

Tell your MP and local candidates why you’re a climate voter. Send them an email, give them a ring or drop into their office. Let’s show the parties just how massive an issue climate change is this election.

5. #EndClimateSilence in the media

Climate damage is the story of the century. So let's tell it. Join a digital team to share your climate story, and push the media to report on the biggest challenge humanity has ever faced.

6. Chip in

We can’t wait another three years for our government to take this seriously. That's why we're throwing everything we have at this campaign. Donate now to make the next election the climate election.

7. See how the parties compare

Check out the parties’ past track record on stopping climate damage. Just before the election, we’ll launch our independent scorecard analysing how the parties compare.

8. Make the climate election visible in your area

Download posters to pop in your front window, community centre, local shops or library. Get social media shareables and other handy resources!