Governments are not regulating political donations effectively, enabling powerful interest groups, such as the mining lobby, to distort policy outcomes and buy influence. 

We need a political system which is transparent, accountable, and free of corruption. Open, accountable governments are a vital part of the solution to the problems we are trying to solve. 

Our vision for Australia’s democracy is one in which the welfare of all life in Australia is at the heart of every decision. Where dollars don’t determine public policy – people do. 

How to make it happen

Our democracy needs to be clean, fair, active and meaningful. Here’s how we do it:

  1. Strengthened political donations and expenditure regulation. We need meaningful transparency measures and caps on donations to political parties, as well as expenditure caps to ensure corporations can’t use their oversized wallets to drown out the voices of the millions. 
    • Lobbying regulation that will allow Australians to know who is meeting our politicians and why, and that establish a code of conduct for lobbyists and politicians alike. 


  • A strong federal integrity commission that is sufficiently empowered to investigate allegations of corruption and uncover deep networks of undue influence in federal politics. 
  • A strong civil society to advocate for people and planet. The role of civil society to advocate for the changes we need must be respected and protected.