This is the decade we must shift from fossil fuels to renewables to create a thriving future for everything and everyone we love. What we choose to fund and invest in now is the future we create. 

The science is clear that to keep global warming to 1.5 degrees we cannot afford to continue drilling, mining and burning gas and coal. Our future is renewable, powered by Australia’s abundant natural resources of wind and solar. 

Australia’s banks and super funds have a unique ability to finance and invest in climate solutions for the future, and help Australia end its dangerous fixation with climate-wrecking fossil fuels.

But Australia’s banks are still pouring billions of dollars into climate-destroying new gas and coal projects when they should be cutting off that funding at the source and financing climate solutions instead. And our super funds are squandering their opportunity and responsibility as major investors and shareholders to drive down the emissions of fossil fuel companies by influencing business and board decisions and publicly holding big polluters to account for their climate pollution.