This is hard to hear. ACF has exposed the federal government's flawed decision to approve the bulldozing of 75 hectares of koala habitat west of Brisbane, despite failing to meet its own guidelines. 

After years of excessive land-clearing under weak state and national nature laws, our beloved and iconic koala has become vulnerable. In fact, experts believe our koalas may go extinct in South-East Queensland

Yet somehow koala homes have been flattened into a pile of sticks to make way for housing projects near Ipswich west of Brisbane. 

Our government needs to take a stand. It’s a choice.

Join us in speaking out for koalas!

Send an email to Environment Minister Sussan Ley calling on her to create strong new laws that will block the bulldozing of koala homes, and help save koalas and other threatened animals  from extinction.

Sussan Ley is relatively new as Environment Minister. This is the first time we’ve asked our ACF community to contact her personally. If she hears from thousands of people, she’ll realise how active we all plan to be on this issue.

Unsustainable, nature-wrecking development and weak environmental laws have led us to an extinction crisis. As a country we now have the highest rate of mammal extinction in the world. 

It’s maddening, because we have a simple solution: strong new laws to actually protect the homes our threatened critters need to survive, backed by independent bodies to enforce them. 

In fact, our weak national environmental laws are about to be reviewed, and we know the Morrison Government's agenda is to weaken them even further! But this destruction of koala habitat is yet another reason why we need stronger nature laws, not weaker ones. 

So why doesn’t our government stand up and deliver?

Just last month, Sussan Ley told the ABC that “I don’t want to see any more species go extinct.” That’s great. Let’s remind her that the upcoming review of our national environment laws is the perfect opportunity to put this promise into action.

Ask our new Environment Minister to act for our koalas. She must put an end to this habitat destruction nonsense and make sure no species go extinct on her watch by introducing strong new nature laws.

With strong environment laws we can protect our koalas and their homes now and into the future. Remember, our government has the power to pass laws to protect our wildlife.

Until then we’ll keep uncovering and exposing flawed decisions and blow them up in the media. No escape. No hiding. This is an extinction crisis our government must face.

After all, koalas and their families are just like us - part of our rich but fragile web of life. Break that interconnected web and everything unravels.

For the koalas!