Right now, South Australia is under threat from gas and oil mining, nuclear waste and rogue irrigators stealing river water.

This election, it’s up to us.

Do we want to be shackled to nukes and climate-wrecking fuels? Or do we want to be a thriving state that’s 100% powered by the sun and wind?

Scorecard of how the SA candidates rate

See how we came up with the scores.

  • The Greens are leading the way in South Australia, with five stars for policies on cutting climate pollution, ramping up clean energy and respecting and protecting nature.
  • SA Best made some good commitments on banning oil exploration in the Bight and fracking in the South East, but only back a 50% Renewable Energy Target by 2025, which SA has almost already reached.
  • We found Labor scored well on policies to make SA a global leader on clean energy (a 75% Renewable Energy Target by 2025!), but has a blind spot on banning oil and gas.
  • The Liberal Party scored lowest with 1.5 stars – they’re weak over radioactive waste dumping in SA and want to scrap the Renewable Energy Target.

Here's how the parties stack up on renewables.

ACF scorecard on clean energy.jpg

Here's how the parties stack up on helping the Murray-Darling Basin thrive.

ACF scorecard on the Murray Darling

Here's how the parties stack up on keeping SA nuclear free.

ACF scorecard on nukes

To spread the scorecard far and wide, people in the ACF community have organised mass scorecard handouts across Adelaide before and on polling day.

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You can also download a printable A5 scorecard and to share with friends, family and your community! 

Downloadable scorecard

It’s time to move on from burning polluting fuels like oil and gas and respect and protect nature so everyone – our communities, wildlife, ocean, rivers and forests – can thrive.

So let’s use our votes wisely.

Let's choose clean energy, not climate-wrecking gas or oil. Let's vote for parties who will make our beautiful state – and the pelicans, people and whales who live here – thrive.

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