There are a couple of roles that will need to be clear on the outing itself, but the work in the lead up can be divided amongst your group as you see fit.

Outings Leader
This person is responsible on the day for briefing participants, physically leading the group and making decisions that keep participants safe. The Outings Leader should try to help participants get to know each other and build connections. While they are in charge for that day, it is important that they fulfil their responsibility in the most kind, approachable and generous way.

Outings Co-Leader
This person is responsible on the day for supporting the Outings Leader, physically tailing the group, making sure that the pace is appropriate and that all members feel included.

First Aider (where necessary)
Some outings may be more remote and require someone to have basic first aid skills. While there is no legal requirement for community groups to have this, it is advised where possible.

Photographer (where necessary)
Is there someone in your group who can take photos and put them on the ACF Community Slack Channel?

Carpool Organiser (where necessary)
If the location is some distance away from where people live, it’s advised to carpool or catch public transport. If a carpool is necessary, it’s as simple as finding willing drivers, allocating people to cars, and making sure that they have each other’s phone numbers.