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The Rivers Roadshow is touring the country, connecting the voices of river communities upstream and downstream. We're spreading the word about what the Murray Darling Basin Plan really means, who's really stealing our water, and how you can get involved and help our wildlife and communities.

Speakers & special guests

Speaker One - an unmissable character from a vital local industry (for example)

Speaker Two - a local legend who has been fighter for fairer, more sustainable water policy in the x River for two decades (for example)

Speaker Three - a local stalwart from the partner organisation driving this event (for example)

Do you care about healthy rivers?

Want to know more about the Murray Darling Basin Plan and what it means for our water, communities and wildlife? Want to learn how to stand up to vested interests who claim that water for the environment is wasted, while ignoring outright water theft?

We're taking this show on the road - with dozens of local speakers and special guests - to galvanise community concern around the river and to take community voices with us to Canberra for the National Water Week Summit in October.

We know that there are a lot of people throughout the Murray Darling Basin who care about our rivers. We need to make sure their voices are heard. We have until October 14 to build a current of community momentum and real public discourse before the National Water Week Summit.

Who are the Lifeblood Alliance?

The Lifeblood Alliance is an alliance of individuals and environment, Indigenous and community groups, including the Australian Conservation Foundation. This year, the Lifeblood Alliance is again calling on the Ministerial Council to implement the Plan on time and in full. If current proposals are accepted, water recovery will stop at two thirds of the target of 2750 GL, well outside of the Plan’s legal framework. This dilution of the plan will seriously compromise the future of our rivers, communities, Indigenous culture, wildlife, farms and fishers.

Want to know more?

Find out more about the Murray Darling.

Read the Lifeblood Alliance's community petitions on

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