April 13, 2017
8pm - 9pm


Beth Koch
· 03 9345 1125


Webinar - details upon registration. ** Time is Eastern Standard Time so it's half an hour earlier in SA **

This event has passed

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The Rivers Fellowship is a training program for people in river communities who are passionate and willing to stand up for healthy rivers.

This year, we have a critical window to ramp up the pressure on our governments to keep our basin healthy. We need to be organised and stand up to vested interests to keep our rivers flowing through this vast, dry continent.

The program is designed to equip leaders with practical skills to campaign for our rivers and communities who depend on them. You'll learn strategy, messaging, lobbying, advocacy and community mobilisation, building on the skills and wisdom that you already have in these areas.

Come to this information webinar to find out more!

Read more and apply for your spot in the River Fellowship now.