Thank you for taking part in Rise Up!

From Monday 29 April to Friday 10 May, we're partnering with our friends at Move Beyond Coal, Australian Youth Climate Coalition, and GetUp! to run actions all across the country and convey a clear message to the Albanese Government: no more coal and gas.

Together we’re aiming to turn out enormous crowds of people speaking up for the climate – more than we’ve seen in years! With a federal election expected next year, and climate destruction getting worse, Rise Up is our moment to show the government just how powerful our movement for climate action is.

Below are powerful posters that you can print and bring to make your local action bright and your message clear. Plus a letter of demand to print and give to your Member of Parliament (MP) or Senator, so they hear our demands loud and clear!


Download and print the Rise Up posters to hold at your local action. 

These five posters show powerful images of climate destruction and wildlife, and feature messages including:

  • No more climate-wrecking coal and gas
  • Protect our wildlife from climate destruction
  • Protect us from climate destruction

An image of a koala on a tree branch, with flames in the background. At the top in large letters are the words protect our wildlife from climate destruction. In smaller writing at the bottom of the image are the words no more climate wrecking coal and gas, and #RiseUpAn example of one of the five ACF posters you can use at your local action.  

We've also collaborated with our friends at GetUp! on additional posters. Download these to convey theses members to your MP or Senator:

  • No more coal, oil and gas handouts! 
  • Labor, stop handing out billions to fossil fuels!

Print the message that resonates with you and your community most – or print them all. 

If you don't have a printer at home, try your local office supplies store or local library. 

An example of one of the two ACF plus GetUp! posters you can print for your local action. 

Letter of demand

All organisations and groups involved in Rise Up are delivering this clear and powerful letter of demand to their MP and Senators.

This ensures that all of us are conveying a united message: no more coal and gas; ensure strong laws that actually protect nature; and end fossil fuel handouts.

Print a copy of this 2-page letter to give to your MP or Senator. 

Page 1 of the short letter of demand. Print it now to give to your MP or Senator!