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Across the inner west, our tree canopy coverage is disappearing. This is putting local vulnerable species, like our very own mascot the Grey-headed flying-fox, at risk. 

Between 2020 and 2022 alone, our LGA saw a loss of 29 hectares of tree canopy coverage. That’s equivalent to over 40 soccer fields of lost canopy coverage.

ACF Community Inner West need your help to secure Inner West Council’s commitment to meeting the Greater Sydney target of 40% canopy cover by:

  • Increasing tree canopy, understorey and groundcover using locally endemic plant species
  • Restoring the habitat of local indigenous fauna and flora species by increasing tree canopy coverage and urban forest in the inner west region
  • Reporting annually to the community on how its tree planting program is progressing 

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Rewilding the inner west is essential for plants, creatures and people.

Green spaces provide food and shelter for much of the biodiversity that co-exists with us in our urban forests, and canopy cover also plays an essential role in our ability to live within an urban environment. It filters the air, keeps temperatures down, provides shade, absorbs stormwater and of course, captures carbon. A greener inner west means a healthier, happier community where everyone gets to be home in nature.

Together, we can win! 

P.S. We've built a resource so you can learn more about our beloved mascot, the Grey-headed flying-fox! Check it out!

Image: Vivien Jones