In response to the Premier Palaszczuk’s suggestion that the NAIF could fund other coal mines in the Galilee Basin, Kelly O’Shanassy, Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Conservation Foundation said:

“Whether public money is spent on Adani digging up coal in the Galilee, or another company digging up coal the effect is the same. It will super-charge climate change, contribute to the destruction of the Great Barrier Reef, and threaten Queensland’s precious ground water.

“Polling clearly shows that Queenslanders, like most Australians, overwhelmingly want public money to be spent on clean energy, not dirty coal. If the Premier gives tax payer funds to massive coal companies, she will be breaking trust with the people of Queensland.

“Leaving the door open to use taxpayer money to fund coal mines raises a serious problem: there is no door. There is no financial case for new coal mines. None of Australia’s major banks will touch them and the Australian public does not want its governments to fund them either.”

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