Australia’s energy powerhouse

For decades, Central Queensland has powered Australia and reaped the benefits with strong industry and jobs.

But change is happening fast. The countries that buy our goods are cutting pollution and moving away from coal. 

Our national energy body the Australian Energy Market Operator says there will be no new coal projects. Every major mining company is cutting coal to reach its net zero emissions commitments.

Central Queensland has faced too many cycles of boom and bust.

Right now we need a plan that guarantees the region remains a great place to live and the community has future-proof jobs now and for the next generation.

A clean energy transition for Central Queesland can be the turning point. 

We are at the start of a global clean energy boom with demand growing and Central Queensland is uniqely placed with its skills in manufacturing and exports to supply the world's clean energy demands. 

Local community who will benefit most should have the loudest voice in the room and by coming together can demand our decision makers speed up the transition so Central Queensland maximises the benefits of clean energy. 

If we lead the transition today we can guarantee jobs for decades