Gladstone's next chapter

A coastal city in the heart of Central Queensland, Gladstone has long powered the nation with energy and goods like aluminium. 

Now with its sun, wind and port, Gladstone can transition into Australia’s clean energy powerhouse and bring more job security and prosperity to its community. 

Not only that, but a plan that seizes the renewable energy opportunity now can make Gladstone a place where our kids raise their own kids

The world's largest facility for manufacturing renewable hydrogen equipment is coming to Gladstone. A well-planned transition to clean energy will only bring more opportunities. 

Gladstone is and always has been a constantly changing city. It has got the talent, tools and adaptability to become Australia's clean energy capital.

Momentum is building. The Gladstone Regional Council is the first Australian council to make a plan for the transition to renewables, which lays the groundwork for our community to have a say on how the transition happens.

The Queensland Government is replacing coal and gas with renewable energy by 2037 and is pumping millions of dollars into regions like Gladstone to power the energy shift. 

Locals are coming together to seize the opportunity and strongly advocate for a renewable-powered economy that will benefit the community first and foremost. Get in touch with ACF Community Gladstone and learn about the work they are doing in the community.

Join a group conversation today to discuss what Gladstone's future should look like.