A big shift in energy

Industry, global markets and governments are all replacing coal and gas with clean energy – and it will have a big impact on Central Queensland.

The region’s biggest employer Rio Tinto will halve its emissions across all operations this decade.

Rio Tinto is decarbonising its Boyne Island and Tomago aluminium smelters which will soon require an incredible amount of solar and wind power.

Andrew Forrest’s Fortescue Future industries are moving in with the world’s biggest electrolyser factory for green hydrogen in Gladstone.

Australia’s key trading partners Japan, China and South Korea have zero emissions targets and don’t want to buy goods made with polluting energy anymore. They want clean energy.

Allied countries are committing to cutting climate pollution too, like the United Kingdom which will stop making coal power in the next four years.

The Queensland government has a $2 billion fund ready to go for renewable energy and hydrogen jobs.

The state government has also committed $145 million to renewable energy zones, including one in Central Queensland, that will generate, transmit, and store the anticipated influx of clean energy.

We are at the start of a big shift to clean energy and Central Queensland can gain so much from embracing and producing in-demand clean energy and goods for decades.