Make a recruitment plan. It doesn't have to be elaborate. Write down how you'll use email, calls, text and other channels to recruit RSVPs. This will help you delegate parts to others. Here is a good starting point:

  • Email blasts  One blast around 10 days out, and a follow-up a few days before the event. A template email for welcome night recruitment lives in the Action Centre copy deck.
  • Calls  Make calls a high priority, particularly to recent sign-ups. Ask other group members with Action Centre access to commit to making a set number of calls over the space of a week. The copy deck has a phone script.
  • SMS – send a text blast or peer-to-peer SMS to people you don't have the capacity to call.
  • Facebook and other channels where you see fit!

Delegate recruitment tasks. One group member should coordinate recruitment. They'll need to enlist others to share the load of putting it into action.


  • The Action Centre video tutorials run through all aspects of recruitment – calls, SMS and emails, via blasts or individually.
  • The Action Centre phonebank host guide has useful tips for coordinating others to make calls. Particularly making sure you don't all call the same people!
  • See if there is an Action Centre support session on soon, where you'll be able to talk through your recruitment plan and discuss best practice.
  • Tap into the expertise and experience of other group members and ACF staff in the #acf-c-action-centre Slack channel