Our health depends on a healthy planet. As we recover from devastating fires and a pandemic, every policy and funding decision should lead us to the future we need.

Climate and nature solutions can power an economic recovery that makes our communities healthier and more resilient. But it will take all of us speaking out to get our representatives to listen to the people, not the polluters.

That’s why people across Australia are meeting with their Members of Parliament to make sure the economy we rebuild is climate and nature positive, makes all us healthier and more resilient to future disasters, and makes Australia fair for all people. They’re meeting their MPs to make sure they make the right choices for our future and block the bad ones.

Read on for more information on how to meet your elected representative, or check out our detailed guide. 

Who is my local MP?

You can find out which federal electorate you’re in and the local Member of Parliament that represents you at electorate.aec.gov.au.

For VIC state electorates and MPs, see parliament.vic.gov.au.

For NSW state electorates and MPs, see: elections.nsw.gov.au.

For QLD state electorates and MPs, see: ecq.qld.gov.au.

Personalise the template found in this guide, and email your MP to request a meeting. You can email them using our simple tool, which will find your MP for you and direct the email straight to them: www.acf.org.au/mp

Alternatively, use the contact information on your MP’s parliament page from the link above.

Remember that MPs are busy people, so give as much notice as you can. You may have to send a few emails before you receive a reply.

Can’t get a meeting? Here are some escalation tactics you can try. Also, check out the FAQ guide:

  • Request a meeting with one of your MP’s staff members instead. If your MP has a full schedule, meeting with their staff is an excellent alternative as they work closely with your MP and will relay their community’s concerns back to them.
  • Post on your MP’s social media platforms. Mention that you have made unsuccessful attempts to get in contact for a meeting, emphasising the importance of what you are seeking to discuss. Remember to keep it respectful and polite.
  • Try a phone call. You can use the email template as a phone script, or if it’s proving really difficult to get a meeting organised, use the phone call as an opportunity to quickly express your concerns to the staff member you’re speaking to. For advice on how to do this, see section 2 of our toolkit.


ACF’s Recover, Rebuild, Renew agenda

  • ACF is calling on all Australian governments and businesses to make wise decisions so we can recover, rebuild and renew. Find our 20 point plan here to take to your MP meeting.

Guides and briefers

  • Our guides to meeting your MP online and broader MP engagement and FAQ have everything you might need when it comes to organising, planning and running your meeting. You’ll find things like agenda templates for planning your meeting, tips for running a successful meeting, how to debrief and follow up your meeting, and other forms of engagement with your MP. 
  • We also have two MP briefers to help you formulate asks for your MP regarding the Recover, Rebuild, Renew campaign, and also for you to leave with them as reference. The first MP briefer is for ACF Community groups meeting NON-QLD MPs (Victoria, NSW, Tasmania, SA, WA, NT and ACT). We also have a Queensland-specific MP briefer, which also includes information around our campaign ahead of the state election later this year. 
  • Research and knowing the people you’re engaging with (whether that be your MP or your local community) is vital to the success of any campaign. We’re currently developing a guide to assist you with researching your MP and electorate, which will include helpful advice and templates to organise your information. These will be up soon - keep an eye out!

Training and coaching

  • We're running regular training sessions on how to hold a great meeting with your MP. Check out upcoming session by going to acf.org.au/training_calendar
  • If you have more questions, contact [email protected] (or your Community Organiser if you are in an ACF Community Group).
  • You can also contact a campaign coach if you're going to be meeting with your MP to book in a coaching session. Or reach out any time! We’re here to help! 

Header image: Douglas Gimesy

Sam Sweeney

ACF volunteer