ACF is calling on all Australian governments and businesses to make wise decisions so we can recover, rebuild and renew.

It's time to make things right 

This year alone, we have experienced unprecedented climate disruption with months of devastating bushfires that wiped out towns, forests and wildlife. Next, a global health pandemic stopped the world in its tracks. Now, we face an escalating economic crisis.

Over recent months, we have seen leaders respond rapidly and set smart policies to save lives. We have also witnessed the grave consequences of delayed and uncoordinated action. We have learned how interdependent we are, and how quickly a crisis can change everything.

We have also seen how, despite frequent warnings, the world’s economies are dramatically unprepared for turbo-charged extreme weather events and pandemics.

As we emerge from this pandemic, we must heed these lessons and think carefully about how we recover and what we rebuild and renew.

Do we want to lock ourselves into more brutal crises by propping up the dinosaur industries that continue to endanger our planet’s life support systems? Or do we want to build back better, together, and set a better course for everyone and every living thing?

We are at a critical juncture where we can get the future right – or wrong.


Photo: Claude Raschella/James Thomas Photo 

Get it right and we can 

  • Create future-proof jobs across Australia installing solar panels on public buildings like schools and libraries, weatherproofing homes, restoring landscapes, laying bike paths, rolling out electric vehicle infrastructure and a modern electricity grid, big clean energy plants and community-sustaining projects
  • Make communities and nature healthier and more resilient by investing in wildlife and bushfire recovery and restoring forests, rivers, parks and wetlands; taking action to avoid future disasters like bushfires, droughts, floods and health shocks; and helping us prepare for and recover from extreme events 
  • Upgrade our energy system to clean and renewable with massive renewable power and battery storage projects, affordable energy for households, and a reliable grid that’s fit for the 21st century. We can upgrade existing industries to make them energy efficient and renewable – and export clean energy to the world.

Get it wrong and we will 

  • Lock Australia into burning more coal, gas, and oil
  • Dismantle our environment protection laws
  • Allow deception and distraction on climate science and policy


Photo: Annette Ruzicka/MAPgroup

Our plan

We recommend 20 specific actions to deliver on this vision in our economic reform agenda, Recover, Rebuild , Renew

Take action

Show your support and sign our petition calling on our state premiers, the Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese to get things right.

Together, let's rebuild, recover and renew. 

Paul Sinclair

Campaigns Director at the Australian Conservation Foundation.