The future of the communities, nature and people we love depends on us saying yes to wind farms and solar panels necessary for powering our lives with renewable energy and stopping the use of destructive fossil fuels.

Take a photo showing you're ready for renewables and share it with us before 4 February.

Communities in the Illawarra and Hunter are gathering in their streets to say yes to renewable energy in their community on Sunday 4 February.

While they turn out on the streets, we'll post the photos we receive (from people across the country) on social media. Together, we'll help show that people and communities from all over Australia say yes to renewable energy now.

The best way to stop the climate impacts from burning coal and gas is urgently building projects in all our communities that ramp up our renewable energy supply.

It's a big task. Renewable energy can only succeed in kicking out fossil fuels if we loudly and urgently welcome it into the Illawarra, Hunter and all our communities.

It's time to say a resounding yes to wind and solar solutions to protect wildlife, oceans, forests and people.

What to include in your photo?

Here's how easy it is to take a powerful photo:

  • Show your face and smile
  • Grab some mates, family or pets to join you  or take a selfie
  • Hold a sign with a message showing you're ready for renewables, like "I'm a renewable energy champion" or "Renewable energy = climate solution" or "I'm a big fan of renewable energy"
  • Then snap your photo and share it with ACF so we can collate and share on social media


Want to get even more creative? Why not take a selfie in front of a place in your community that would be perfect for creating clean energy? This could be:

  • The rooftop of a big building that's perfect for rooftop solar
  • Degraded land or farmland that could house wind turbines
  • Or clean energy in action, like a solar-powered street lamp, an electric vehicle, an electric bus or an induction stovetop.

When you upload your photo, you also have the option to include a message in which you might like to include:

  • The name behind your face
  • The community you are from
  • Why you support quickly ramping up clean energy in your community

Once you upload your photo, it will be displayed on our photo wall. We'll also share some of the photos on social media to help our messages of support spread far and wide.