From 21 to 25 October, join an action near you as we call on GHD to be the next company to rule out Adani!

Adani's plans to build its climate-wrecking coal mine are hitting setback after setback. 

Major companies Adani needs to build its mine are backing out. Last week, global infrastructure firm Cardno publicly ruled out any future work on Adani’s coal project.

This makes Cardno the 60th major company to announce they will not do business with Adani. They join engineering consultancy Aurecon, insurance firms Canopius and AXIS Capital, and rail company Genesee & Wyoming.

People like you have pushed these companies to do the right thing. Together we’ve written letters, signed petitions, made phone calls and spoken with staff. Let’s celebrate these people-powered wins!

But we cannot let up the pressure on other companies – like engineering firm GHD – who could still help to build Adani’s rail and mine.

We've been tipped off that right now GHD are reassessing their global climate policy. Together we need to remind them, loud and clear: a strong climate policy does not involve working on climate-wrecking coal mines.

Will you join an action near you? 

Together we will call on GHD to step up for people and the planet by becoming the next company to rule out working with Adani!

More and more, Australians are concerned about climate damage. We’re worried about record-breaking heat, droughts, bushfires and floods. And we are already seeing these impacts here and now.

Working on coal projects that will exacerbate climate damage is not the behaviour of a responsible company. It’s time big corporate players like GHD show leadership and refuse to work on projects that will wreck our climate.

GHD is Adani’s longest-serving Australian business partner. If the company rules out working on Adani’s coal mine and rail line, we’re another big step closer to stopping Adani in its climate-wrecking tracks.

So come be a part of this crucial, national week of action!


This is an independently run event held by our allies at Friends of the Earth.

Photo credit: Julian Meehan

Christian Slattery

Senior Stop Adani Campaigner at the Australian Conservation Foundation