To keep enjoying life in our beautiful sunshine state, we need a government that will stop companies from digging up and burning fuels like coal and gas and make them use 100% clean energy right now. 

By burning coal and gas, big polluting companies have put our reef in peril and we're suffering more heatwaves, cyclones, droughts and floods. This must stop. 

Both the Palaszczuk Government and the LNP opposition have let us down when it comes to their strong support for Adani’s coal mine. It’s outrageous they’re backing a billionaire who wants to dig a mega mine that would destroy our climate, drain and pollute our groundwater and trash our reef. 

Enough is enough. 

This election, we, the people, must hold all parties accountable for the decisions they make – as these decisions will define our future for generations. 

We want a sun-powered Queensland

The majority of Queenslanders want a government with a plan to protect our clean air, beaches, forests and wildlife. 

And we want the people who represent us in Parliament to fully back clean energy from the sun and wind – energy that doesn't damage our climate, bleach our reef and risk our future. 

Labor has committed to 50% clean energy by 2030 and net zero pollution by 2050. It has promised to end large-scale tree clearing and to back big clean energy projects.

The LNP has committed to scrapping all of these promises and instead wants to build more coal-burning electricity plants. But burning coal is polluting our planet.

This election, ask the candidates in your electorate to stop big polluting companies like Adani from burning coal and gas, and make all the electricity we need from the sun, wind and water. 

@AnnastaciaMP ‏@TimNichollsMP, back clean energy and our beautiful reef, not polluting coal and gas #reefnotcoal #StopAdani #QLDelection

Get involved

Read the latest news and find actions to stand up for nature this election. 

News | 19 December 17

We've stopped Adani's $1 billion loan!

This is a huge victory on the path to stopping this mine.

News | 07 December 17

They tried to ignore us, but we were unstoppable, unmissable and irrepressible

There will be no Adani mine on our watch. If that was not clear to our elected representatives before the Queensland state election, it is now.

News | 03 November 17

Breaking news: Palaszczuk vetoes Adani loan!

The Queensland Premier just announced she will veto the NAIF loan to Adani. With a state election three weeks away, now opposition leader Tim Nicholls must rule out supporting public money for this dirty mine. Our campaign is working.

News | 29 October 17

Parties must stop Adani and back a sun-powered future as Queensland heads to the polls

Queenslanders need a government that will stop companies digging up and burning more dirty coal and embrace a clean energy future