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Queenslanders, we have an incredible opportunity. 

We know that our state's coal and gas is contributing to immense global climate harm - fuelling more severe droughts, floods, fires and storms across our communities and inflicting catastrophic damage on our precious Great Barrier Reef.

We're seeing that wherever in the world our gas and coal is burnt, whether it's here or overseas, we pay a terrible price at home.

But it doesn't have to be this way.

Our Sunshine State has the skills and the opportunity to transform itself into a renewable energy superpower, creating long-term jobs and economic security for our regions, and helping to restore and protect the natural places we all love. 

But we must act now - to stop new coal and gas projects, to turn away from fossil fuel exports and to slash emissions. 

Sign the petition. We need everyone to call on our state government to invest in making Queensland a climate and nature champion.

Working together, Queensland CAN!

To learn more about how we can ditch fossil fuels and create jobs in future industries now, explore the Queensland CAN! report commissioned by ACF, the Queensland Conservation Council and World Wildlife Fund Australia.

Petition demands

We call upon the Queensland Government to:

  1. Slash Queensland’s climate pollution by at least half this decade
  2. Make Queensland a renewable energy superpower and create 100,000 jobs in climate solutions
  3. Protect Queensland’s nature to store carbon and establish an Environmental Protection Authority for Queensland to oversee and investigate environmental decisions

Jobs we can create in climate solutions


Header image: Kerry Trapnell

Latest Supporters

Lynette 2022-09-02 09:59:47 +1000
Peter 2022-09-02 09:59:39 +1000
It is past time that Queensland took the present climate crisis seriously. Please don’t listen to the rich and powerful but to the people you are supposed to represent. We want serious action to reduce the use and export of fossil fuels.
Jim 2022-09-02 09:59:27 +1000
I want Qld to become a climate champion because our lifestyle and that of our children requires it to be. Qld needs to transition away from fossil fuel production and consumption and utilise the abundant natural resources within the state to produce, storage, transport and consume clean, green renewable energy. Our children may one day be able to thank us for putting their future ahead of our own.
Jonathan 2022-09-02 09:59:26 +1000
If it can make a difference and isn’t just greenwashing and contains tangible and meaningful targets for them, then why not? The time for this was yesterday after all.
Liv 2022-09-02 09:59:10 +1000
Howard 2022-09-02 09:58:52 +1000
Don 2022-09-02 09:58:26 +1000
Trevor 2022-09-02 09:57:40 +1000
The whole world needs to champion the planet. I expect Queensland to set an example.
Jimi 2022-09-02 09:57:29 +1000
Even a blind person can see that if we don’t stop fossil fuel mining and land clearing we are dooming future generations to the worst nature can deliver.
Steve 2022-09-02 09:57:13 +1000
Philip 2022-09-02 09:57:05 +1000
I want Queensland to be a climate and nature champion for a cleaner and greener future!
Jennifer 2022-09-02 09:56:34 +1000
Rob 2022-09-02 09:56:19 +1000
Leanne 2022-09-02 09:56:18 +1000
Cheap free clean energy is the future
Jo-Anne 2022-09-02 09:56:12 +1000
We need to act on climate change now!
Marie 2022-09-02 09:56:05 +1000
Building the great grandchildrens future
John 2022-09-02 09:55:51 +1000
For far to long have governments been concerned with mining royalties and large scale projects. What good is any of it when we destroy the earth.
Chris 2022-09-02 09:55:39 +1000
Sue 2022-09-02 09:55:19 +1000
David 2022-09-02 09:55:12 +1000
Christina 2022-09-02 09:55:12 +1000
The longer we wait to act, the higher the cost. Higher fiscal cost, higher mortality, more of what makes our lives worthwhile gone forever.
Kim 2022-09-02 09:55:06 +1000
There’s only one Earth – it’s time to step up and do everything we can to save it!
Alastair 2022-09-02 09:54:59 +1000
Queensland should be an example of what can be done to protect the environment and nature. Let’s do it!!
bob 2022-09-02 09:54:59 +1000
Nick 2022-09-02 09:54:51 +1000
Gil 2022-09-02 09:54:50 +1000
The science tells us we must act now, this is not opinion, it is peer-reviewed fact.
Ian 2022-09-02 09:54:40 +1000
I call upon the Queensland Government to: Slash our climate pollution by at least half this decade Make us a renewable energy superpower Protect Queensland’s nature to store carbon and establishing an Environmental Protection Authority that works and has some clout
Joy 2022-09-02 09:54:39 +1000
Duncan 2022-09-02 09:54:39 +1000
Jonas 2022-09-02 09:54:30 +1000