Add your name to the members' letter

As the investor of our retirement savings, responsible super funds should be managing climate risks and investing in a climate safe future. So why is QSuper holding back?

While QSuper says they will try to reach net zero emissions, they don’t know how they will achieve this. They don’t yet have a plan to reduce emissions.

QSuper hasn't committed to stop investing in the digging and burning of fossil fuels. They won’t even share exactly how much of their investments are tied to fossil fuels!

Burning fossil fuels is the biggest driver of climate damage. To retire in a climate safe future, QSuper needs to move their money out of fossil fuels and into climate solutions.

Use your member power for our climate and add your name to the members' petition.


We are QSuper members who are concerned about climate change and the associated risks to our super. We call on QSuper to stop funding climate damage by:

  • divesting from fossil fuels immediately
  • disclosing your investments
  • using your influence to push the companies you invest in to cut emissions in line with the Paris agreement.

QSuper mitigating climate change is in the best interests of members. Please take responsibility for the impacts of your investments.