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During the election campaign we'll be speaking up and taking action to Stop Adani and for a Sun-powered Queensland!
To have an impact we need people like you to get involved. If you have some spare time and want to make a difference, sign up.

As we head to the polls, Queenslanders need a state government that will stop companies digging up and burning more coal and gas. Then we can harvest clean energy from sun and wind and protect our reef.

There will be a heap of different ways you can help out, like getting out into the community and talking to Queenslanders, or calling in to talk back radio, rallies at MPs offices or writing letters to candidates. Some of us might even dress up as a solar panel or wind turbine.

All volunteer activities will abide by our ACF Community principles.
  • We engage positively in politics: We will create a democracy we want to be part of – holding our representatives accountable, encouraging participation in our political system and strong democratic values.
  • We are independent & non-partisan: We hold all political parties to the same standards of protecting our environment and give them all an equal opportunity to to respond to our demands.
  • We act lawfully: We engage in lawful advocacy including peaceful protest. ACF will do everything we can within the law to stop pollution and protect our living world.
Our friendly campaigners and organisers will support you. So if you want to make a difference, meet some great people and have fun sign, please join the campaign.

Who said elections can't be fun?