We've pre-written a letter that asks Queensland opposition leader David Crisafulli to support Queensland's climate and clean energy targets. Just add your details and a subject then hit send to forward the letter.

What’s at stake?

The Queensland state election in October may feel a while away, but the major parties are starting to lock in their election policies. For those of us who want to protect nature and create a safe climate, we have a lot to lose unless we act now.

Queensland is the nation’s most vulnerable state when it comes to extreme weather. In recent years communities have suffered through record-breaking floods and devasting cyclones, rebuilding as the next disaster hits. A good government protects people and nature from the worst of climate damage.

Thanks to our community advocacy over almost ten years, we pushed the Labor state government to make policies and plans to slash climate pollution and create climate-positive jobs. But the job isn’t done. Now we must ensure that whoever wins the election, these policies and plans are protected.

Opposition Leader David Crisafulli can vote with Labor in parliament and make Queensland’s climate targets and jobs plan law before the election. He can protect Queenslanders and our incredible outdoors from extreme floods and droughts and create tens of thousands of new jobs in renewable energy for our regional communities.

The Liberal National Party (LNP) just needs to vote yes to Queensland’s new 2035 climate target and Jobs and Energy Plan in Parliament – a vote that could be as soon as next month.

What are the climate and clean energy targets?

The LNP supporting Queensland climate action will guarantee:

  • Reducing climate pollution by 75% and ramping up renewable energy to 80% by 2035 in some of the most ambitious state targets in the country.
  • Rolling out more rooftop solar and well-designed solar and wind farms to phase out coal and gas, providing our wildlife and communities with critical relief from climate impacts.
  • Building an economy of the future with a jobs guarantee that will bring new career pathways and prosperity to regional communities
  • Supplying the grid with affordable renewable energy that will lower Queenslander's power bills.

What can you do?

Ask David Crisafulli to invest in the future of Queensland jobs by supporting Queensland's climate and clean energy targets.

Just add your details and a subject then hit send.

We're confident that if enough of us deliver this message to the Opposition Leader that he'll lead the Queensland LNP to support and guarantee our hard-won climate action in this election year.

This is a critical window to effect change, so we've teamed up with allies including WWF, Australian Marine Conservation Society and Queensland Conservation Council to deliver this message to the Opposition Leader.

When you speak up today, you're joining thousands of people in the ACF community here in Queensland and thousands more from across our wider movement for nature.

Together, all our voices are powerful. Let’s use them.