A new law proposed by the Turnbull Government is a blatant attempt to stop people like you from participating in our democracy.

It threatens to silence advocacy and suffocate ACF and other charities by stifling your ability to donate to us.

Will you call your MP today to ask them to reject this dangerous bill?

Under the proposed law, any charity like ACF spending more than $100,000 advocating on potential election issues – a broad category that includes climate change and protecting nature – is subject to intense and unfair government restrictions.

And a hidden clause is a disaster for millions of Australians who donate to organisations like ACF.

If you donate more than $250 per year – just $4.80 per week – to ACF or another charity, this proposed law will force you to fill out a statutory declaration witnessed by a police officer or Justice of the Peace. Tens of thousands of people who power ACF’s work would be impacted.

This anti-democratic proposed law was cobbled together without consultation and in a rush to silence us and curtail people power.

Our advocacy might be inconvenient for the federal government and big polluters, but it’s essential. 

Call your MP now and tell them why you support advocacy by ACF and other charities you love and why this is vital to democracy.