We've pre-written a submission urging the Queensland Government to ban all fracking on Channel Country. Just include your postcode and name then hit send to deliver it and help protect Channel Country before the consultation ends at 5pm AEST, Friday 25 August.  

Polluters like Origin Energy are threatening to frack Channel Country, one of the world's last free-flowing desert river systems.

The Channel Country is a large, arid area and its intertwining waterways are its lifeblood.

In the long, dry seasons, they offer refuge and watering holes for wildlife. In the wet season, the floodplains fill and burst forth with new life and vegetation.

Fracking would leave a devastating mark on this precious ecosystem. And it would extract climate-heating gas to be exported and then burnt overseas, worsening climate impacts around the world, including here at home.

Thanks to persistent people-power campaigning, the Queensland Government is now considering banning gas fracking on Channel Country rivers and floodplains!

Let's band together to protect Channel Country's rivers and floodplains and keep climate-heating gas in the ground.


Header image: Kerry Trapnell.