Assign roles for the event. Ideally you'll have three or more group members helping out on the night. Assign a primary facilitator, a chat-box buddy, and a tech-lead. It's helpful if someone is keeping time too.

Go over your agenda. Make sure you're all familiar with the content, how long each section should run, and talk through any parts you think might be challenging. You can use our agenda template and presentation slides

Confirm your RSVPs. Find your RSVP list in Action Centre, and call your RSVPs the day before. Help make the event real for them ask them if they've used Zoom before and where they'll call in from. Putting them in the mindset of actually attending greatly increases the likelihood they'll be there.

Send a reminder email. This can go to your whole list or just your RSVPs.

Test out Zoom. Test your Zoom link, and consider having a dry run with a few group members to become confident with the technology.