Why a potluck?

So why is this important to do? How does it help us build people power, change the story and fix the system? A good potluck dinner will:

  • Provide a fun, welcoming and relaxing space to chill out and spend some leisure time together after all the hard work we’ve put in.
  • Allow volunteers to come together to share stories and feelings, reflect on what we’ve achieved, and feel supported in a safe space.
  • Connect with your local environment and community by sourcing your food locally.
  • Help to build and strengthen the relationships and community that we’ll need to rely on in order to take powerful actions in the future.
Wild and local food

Connect with your environment and community by sourcing your food locally and in keeping with the seasons.

  • You can have a seasonal theme to your potluck – Winter, Spring, Summer or Autumn!
  • Guests may have fruit trees with abundant harvests to share.
  • Your local farmers’ market will have food packed with amazing taste and stories too!
  • A participant may know where to forage for wild foods.
  • Telling stories about the food you bring is a great way to create a sense of community and shared culture for your group, as well as acknowledging our connection to nature.
Where should you host your potluck?

Welcoming your ACF community into your home is a beautiful way to bring everyone together, and is always greatly appreciated. But you may not have the space or live in an area that is difficult to get to, in which case, look for another venue that is more central and appropriate, such as a community hall, public library or school/university space. It really depends on how big you want the event to be, versus how intimate. This is up to you and your group.


These roles might seem obvious, but it’s good to think about these simple things so that the night runs smoothly. It’s best to divide the tasks so that no one feels overwhelmed and everyone can enjoy themselves.

This person will organise the venue, create an invite and promote the event. They may also suggest places where guests can find locally-grown, sustainable produce (see guidelines below).

This person is responsible on the night for supporting the Host, and may choose to step into the role of facilitator for moments when the group comes together. They can also help in the lead-up to the event with promotion and venue.

Photographer (where necessary)
Is there someone in your group who can take photos and put them on the ACF Community Slack Channel?