Thank you for volunteering to hand out ACF’s independent climate policy scorecard at a polling booth on election day!

Handing out scorecards is a fun way to have a big impact for our planet and the people we love. 

In order for ACF to have volunteers at polling booths we have to follow a few election rules. Please complete a quick training by watching the video below or reading the polling booth volunteer guide before election day, then submit the form to confirm you’ve completed the training.


  1. Who we are: ACF is independent and nonpartisan. Don’t tell people who to vote for.
  2. Where we stand: You must keep six metres away from the polling booth entrance at all times.
  3. What we wear: Remove or cover up your ACF badge or t-shirt if you enter the polling area to cast your own vote or go to the bathroom.
  4. What we display: All signage displayed at a polling booth must have the authorisation statement and printer address.
  5. What we’re giving out: Don’t hand out material from political parties or other groups when you are handing out the ACF scorecard or if you are wearing an ACF t-shirt or badge.
  6. Australian Electoral Commission staff: Take direction from Australian Electoral Commission staff. Inform your booth captain of any issues.