November 25, 2017
8am - 5pm


Chris Ahrens


Middle Park State School
Macfarlane Street
Middle Park, Queensland 4074
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This event has passed

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The Queensland election is this Saturday and it’s a big one for our reef, wildlife, climate and communities.

We need your help getting our independent scorecard in the hands of voters on election day. Will you volunteer a few hours to hand out our scorecard?

Our scorecard focuses on issues that Queenslanders care about – like protecting our beautiful reef and harvesting clean energy from the sun and wind.

RSVP to sign up for a three-hour shift starting at 8am, 11am, or 2pm. Once you've RSVP'd, we'll give you a call to discuss which shift you can make and answer any questions you might have. 

Getting key information in the hands of voters at this critical time depends on passionate, engaged people like you dedicating a few hours on election day.

So join us to make a big impact for the issues you care about and be part of our democracy.


Check out our full scorecard here, and see how we came up with the scores here