March 17, 2018
8am - 5pm


Michael Pulsford
Email · 0477 770 158


Various polling booths in Thornbury/Preston
Thornbury or Preston, VIC 3072
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This event has passed

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The Batman by-election is fast approaching and it's crunch time!

We've rated the major parties on their positions on Adani. Now, it's time to get our independent scorecard in the hands of as many voters as possible.

Will you volunteer for a few hours on election day to hand out our scorecard at a polling booth? 

RSVP to sign up for one or more two-hour shifts (most volunteers do two in a row). If you're available all day, sign up to all shifts to let us know you're flexible.

Once you've RSVP'd, we'll be in touch to confirm your shift and make sure you have everything you need to make a difference on election day. You'll be with other friendly ACF volunteers on the day and will be briefed on how to do it.

Getting key information in the hands of voters at this critical time depends on passionate, engaged people like you dedicating a few hours of your day.

You'll be handing out this scorecard. See how we came up with the scores.

#StopAdani scorecard for Batman