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Will you pledge to vote for a candidate who will act on pollution, energy & our reef?

56,719 people
3,281 needed to reach 60,000

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Let's grow a huge wave of people power to demand candidates from all political parties protect our beautiful reef from climate pollution.

Will you sign the pledge?

I’ll vote for a candidate who will:

  • Support clean energy
  • Cut pollution
  • Protect our reefs, rivers, forests and wildlife.

This election, our politicians will make a choice that will define our future for generations.

Will they listen to the big polluters who are destroying our reefs? Or will they choose a world with clean energy where our reefs and our grandchildren can thrive?

When candidates see just how many people pledge to vote for what matters, they’ll know they must get serious about protecting our living world. 

Together, our votes are powerful.

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I want a future for the planet and my kid & grandkids
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