Comedian Craig Reucassel – from The Chaser and ABC’s hit series War on Waste – is turning his attention to climate change, with the three-part documentary Fight for Planet A.

All of us in the ACF Community are getting ready to harness the wave of interest in stopping climate damage that this compelling series will start.

Will you host a Fight for Planet A Action Hour with your friends and family? Sign up for the toolkit now!

Wherever you are in Australia, you can do this. We’ll give you conversation prompts and resources to support you and your community to reach out to your local MP and local businesses and remind them to make sure what we do today leads us to the future we want – a fairer, more resilient society, a healthy planet and a safe climate.

Invite your friends and family, put on your comfy lounging-about-watching-TV clothes, grab your favourite snacks, check out Fight for Planet A, and let’s talk.