Starting a conversation about climate damage can be daunting, but it doesn't have to be! 

Start with the values, concerns and experiences you share. Do you both have children or grandchildren? Elderly parents or neighbours? Enjoy gardening? Love the Great Barrier Reef?

Find personal, relevant ways to show why climate damage matters. It’s not just about polar bears and ice caps in far away continents – it’s about us, right here at home, and the people and places we love.

You could start by sharing what concerns you about climate damage – like worrying about an elderly neighbour in a heatwave, worsening bushfires in every season, concern over impacts now and in the future for your kids and people in your community.

Try one of these conversation starters: 

  • Talk about an eye-opening article you’ve read about climate change.
  • Talk about extreme weather you’ve experienced and how it’s getting worse.
  • Talk about a moment that inspired you to act.
  • Ask others how they think or feel about climate damage.
  • Talk about a person, place or animal you love that’s affected by climate impacts.

Remember! 'Making it personal' doesn’t mean blaming the person you’re taking to – when people feel individually blamed or attacked they tend to shut down the conversation or lash out.